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Book Writing Bureau has teams of genre specialist writers to ensure that the results from your imaginative talents are maximized. If you are an author, then you certainly need ghostwriters at your side to increase your productivity. Our ghostwriter service in the USA offers premium services at a low cost with a high yield of value.
  • Save time while ensuring top-of-the-line quality
  • Your brand voice and identity will reflect in the content
  • Multiple revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

Our Key Focus As A Leading Ghostwriting Agency.

Understanding the genre in which the piece is to be written is essential to producing high-quality material.

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Content Development

Our writers are well-experienced in their respective industries and genres. They can easily develop your idea into a complete book that encapsulates your worldview, conveys your message, and connects with your audience.

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Content Quality

When it comes to writing and impacting lives with words, content quality matters the most. Producing grammatically correct content is not enough. Our writers ensure that the words and phrases in your content will provoke action.

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Content Editing

Once the content is written, it needs to be refined to its greatest potential. Our writers will utilize industry-specific language to improve readability and use jargon that connects with the audience of your respective genre.

Ghostwriting Services Pricing Packages

Ghostwriting services are not cheap in the USA unless you hire Book Writing Bureau. Our business model allows us to ensure your work is delivered on time, with quality, and at a highly affordable price.

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  • The chief book writer will be a published author.
  • Procedure includes a detailed strategy building and implementing session.
  • The team will comprise of a chief editor who will provide editing and consultation throughout the planning and writing process.
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  • The chief book writer will be a bestseller or an extensively published author.
  • Procedure includes detailed strategy building and implementing session(s).
  • The team will comprise of a chief editor who will provide editing, consultation and recommendations throughout the planning and writing process.
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Our Ghostwriting Portfolio

Our works have earned stardom success in every genre, and your project will be our next masterpiece.

Ghostwriting Solutions for Businesses & Personal Brands

We are available to serve any author, company, or firm that needs our writing expertise. Whether you need eBook writing services or a web copy, our job is to deliver you the most effective content we can produce with words. Your next writing project will be done with complete dedication and anonymity.

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Why Should You Hire Our Affordable Ghostwriting Agency?

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Competent Experts

Take the step to work with experts who know all the tips, tricks, techniques, and shortcuts to generate the results that you desire. Get your work done the way you want it, how you want it to be, and delivered on time.

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Content Quality

When producing content worthy of worldwide success, quality of effectiveness is the highest priority. When you hire our ghostwriter, you guarantee that your content will be mesmerizing and captivating.

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An author’s greatest asset is their time, and our ghostwriters work to ensure that an author’s time is safe from anything that he can delegate to a reliable team. Book Writing Bureau is that reliable team.

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Affordable Content

We assist authors in perfecting their content to deliver world-class literature. But we believe quality does not have to come with a heavy brand-like pricing plan. We keep our offers affordable and flexible.

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No industry or genre is unfamiliar to our writers, and your requirements will be as good as fulfilled within the agreed-upon duration.

Professional Book Writing Services

Why Hire Our Ghost Writers?

We believe in quality over quantity and for such reason, we ensure to fulfill the following commitments towards our clients;


When our service is within your budget, your book prices can be within your audience’s budget


Our writers take no stake in your work. Even after finishing the project, we stay 100% anonymous.

Authentic Research

The content we produce is creative, factually correct, and well-researched. We value authenticity above all.


Lower rates for Ghostwriting services give you the opportunity to maximize your returns through extensive marketing.


Working with our experts gives you the highest tactical advantage against your competitors.


Punctuality is the first pillar of reliability and professionalism. You can be sure to get your project finished on time


Ghostwriting is the service of performing all book writing-related tasks. For example, tasks like research, outlining, drafting, writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting are usually performed by ghostwriters. Our ghostwriters stay anonymous and take no credit for the production of their authors’ publications.

Ghostwriting is necessary because there is always a lack of time for authors to finish their literary works. These ghostwriters do not own the book they write. They only perform the formalities while the author shares the valuable key factors. This way, the author becomes the idea or concept creator while we fill in the necessary gaps in the story.

As long as the agreement between the author and the ghostwriting service company is not violated, these services are legal.

You can simply search on Google to find many ghostwriter companies. However, the right company will have an outstanding portfolio of best-selling books and other proven works. Luckily you do not have to look further because we have all the necessary properties to be the right ghostwriting choice.

The price of ghostwriting services is a huge variable. There are many factors that would affect the final bill for your project. For example, the word count, chapters, industry, genre, and many more added factors will determine the cost of your individual project. With so many factors, we cannot give you a rough estimate for your project. However, if you would share your requirements, we will give you a quick quote for your project. Click here for your free quote.

The typical process For ghostwriting is as follows: -

Initial Consultation: Our experts will talk to you about your project and share with you a complete plan on how you can achieve your goals with our help.

Topic Research: Once the project starts, the first step is to extensively research the topic to collect all the necessary information, facts, and references.

Outline and Draft: Create an initial outline and first draft to share with the client. This is a repetitive process that may occur at least once per chapter

Writing and Editing: In this step, we fill the gaps between major plot points and important events. We further improve the content to make it impactful and engaging.

Proofreading and Formatting: Now, we make sure that the contents of your book are completely free of any grammatical, factual, or political errors. We further improve the text-style visual flow of the content to improve readability.

Non-Discloser Agreement: We sign the NDA to ensure that we will not disclose our involvement with the project. However, if the author chooses to give us credit for our work, they can do so.

Delivery and Publishing: This is the final step of the process. Once the project is finished, it is handed over to the author with 100% copyrights. The author can further request us to anonymously publish the book in their name and market it to their target. We exercise our extensive network to ensure that the book reaches more people than the letters it contains.

The most prominent factor is always the portfolio of the concerned ghostwriting service. Their track record must have the type of books that you want to sell, and those must be successful projects. We recommend our own Ghostwriters for hire because they have excessive experience in writing for every other industry and genre out there.

Before you hire a ghostwriting service, you better know what they are offering to you. As their service, pricing, expertise, brand, and policies will further impact your project. So make sure to investigate in-depth before hiring any ghostwriting service.

We recommend working with us because what you see on the website is what we offer and how we work. You will not have to face any hidden terms or policies. A low pricing plan, high quality, smooth execution, and complete transparency are what we promise to our clients.

Every writer has their price. However, you will find our charges to be lower than the general consensus. The final charge will depend on your word count, genre, number of chapters, and many other factors. Book Writing Bureau gives you the freedom to choose between pre-determined packages and customized offers made for you to deliver high value for the price you pay. Contact us for a free consultation

We Have a Track Record of Satisfied Clients - Hire a Ghostwriter TODAY!

Whoever is searching online for “ghostwriting services near me,” your search is over. We have a large record of satisfied clients, and here are their opinions about our services.

Hope For The Hopeless Horse

Zack Austin

"Thanks to Book Writing Bureau, my thoughts became a reality. Their copywriting services far surpassed my expectations. Skilled, one-of-a-kind, and arrived on time. "

Reality Bites

Maria Bless

"Book Writing Bureau's ghostwriting services have been great. The author took my idea and ran with it, producing a gripping story. There were no snags in communication."

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Bruce Redfield

"The best ghostwriters provided by Book Writing Bureau were highly recognized. They put in a lot of time and effort to write my book, and they did a terrific job. I much appreciate the writer's efforts; the result exceeded my expectations."

The Survivors

Samantha Drew

The people at Book Writing Bureau helped me realize a lifetime dream of publishing a book. I'm happy to claim ownership of the book I authored after utilizing their proofreading services. They have our full support!

When We left Cuba

Barry Thomas

‘I wholeheartedly endorse Book Writing Bureau's ghostwriting services. The writer converted my chaotic ideas into a refined beauty. It was a pleasure to work with them during the whole process’

We Are Known for Delivering the Best Ghostwriting Services with Our Tested Process.

The method we use at Book Writing Bureau has been shown to provide faultless copies every time. Hire professional ghostwriters for your book today!

  1. Free Consultations

    Free consultation with our team to discuss your future book. Our services will be customized to your specific requirements, and a quote will be shared.

  2. Manuscript Analysis

    Our well-informed specialists will analyze your manuscript and advise any modifications to the content and structure.

  3. Topic Research

    Trust us to do extensive research so that you may write about interesting topics that people will want to learn more about.

  4. Strategy Planning

    We create detailed, individualized strategies for marketing and selling your book.

  5. Writing

    Our skilled ghostwriters will work relentlessly to bring your story to life via writing that is new, engaging, and intriguing.

  6. Proofreading, Editing, and Formatting

    We promise that your book will be error-free and properly formatted, allowing it to be enjoyed by the maximum number of people.

  7. Reviews and Revisions

    We'll make the required modifications to bring out the best in your book when you provide constructive feedback.

  8. Anonymous Delivery

    You can be certain that we will mention our contribution to your work unless you let us do it. The fact that we are assisting you will remain confidential forever if you want it to.

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