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Refining content is an essential step and an exclusive job for our expert eBook editors , who have been refining best-sellers for years.

Our ebooks are compatible with every smart device


Self-publishing your ebook or paperback takes a lot to get to the launch date, and we stay with you every step of the way.

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The print quality of your book will have a great influence on the trajectory of your book sales and user-generated content.

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Great quality content, well-planned strategies, and on-demand publishing have the potential to increase your book sales.

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Delivering work on time is one of our primary selling points. In the publishing world, delays are common unless you work with us.

Every book is delivered on-time.


Book launch is the busiest day of your life, and we make sure to make it stress-free and satisfactory for you.

Book Publishing Services & Pricing

Publishing is a long and exhausting process. While preparing for your launch date, you cannot worry about the budget or anything else. Therefore, Book Writing Bureau gives you prices that would take away all your concerns.

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  • Using our e-book publishing service, you’ll have your book available to readers worldwide and ranked in the top bestselling author section.
  • We promise to publish your book on the most well-known and well-respected platforms, such as Amazon, Kindle, storefronts, and CreateSpace.
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Reach new audiences with distribution to over 40,000 retailers, schools, and libraries

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Our book publishing portfolio is well-decorated with best-sellers. We have handed over the copyrights of winning titles to their respected authors across the world while maintaining 100% anonymity. Here are a few of them.

Our Book Publisher’s Process


Formatting is an essential step because your text must be readable and appeal to the readers’ eyes and their interests.


Making manuscripts better is what we do best. Our editors will take your book and turn it into a flawless piece of literary art.


Our writers create initial drafts and outline to streamline the chapters to follow. An outline acts as a roadmap for the writing journey.


We have book cover designers who know how to engage and interact through amazing illustrations. Through professional typesetting, we improve the overall quality of the design and conversational flow.


Through integrated social media marketing strategies, we create enough demand for your book that people encourage readers to buy your book and create word-of-mouth marketing.


Book publishing is a single service that encapsulates every other service an author could think of purchasing. It is often the most expensive but also yields the highest value for authors. With this service, authors can get their new book published within weeks and market it to the world with expert precision. The service has every step a book publishing process can possibly have at the minimum cost per value.

Book publishing is an all-in-one service. The aim of this service is to take the strain of all the necessary steps of publishing the book of the author’s shoulders. Now, the author can focus on producing a story that the world would love beyond everything. The author can either share a manuscript or just write the initial draft to start the service. Steps like editing, proofreading, formatting, and typesetting are the very early steps to produce a reviewable work that the author would determine if it needs to be refined or not.

Next comes some advanced steps like market research, cover design, announcement trailer, content for marketing, and the marketing strategy itself. These are essential and must be implemented flawlessly to ensure the book launch is successful.

Once these are done, the next steps are production, printing, and shipping or distributing. These steps only occur if all the previous steps are executed with expertise. You can do further marketing to increase customers and readers by getting user-generated feedback on your work.

All these steps are part of the same service of book publishing. Authors always have the option to opt out of any particular service they want.

The revenue you can generate by publishing your book varies from case to case. No two cases have the same conclusions, but we sure can give you some rough estimates as per your project. The general consensus says: “The more investment you put into the marketing, the higher revenue you can have at the end.”

Now you can reinvest the initial returns to generate an even bigger reader base by targeting other reader demographics. For example, targeting people who prefer to read eBooks or audiobooks instead of physical copies.

This will take your initial revenue and turn it into an investment that has the potential to pay royally for years to come. At the end of your self-publishing project, you will have 100% of all the revenue your book will generate. Additionally, if your book gets mainstream success, it will be a major income source throughout your lifetime and beyond.

Being prepared is what matters most. If getting a compelling publishing deal is your number one priority, then Book Writing Bureau should be your number one choice. Our publishing program is one of the most economical and value-generating offers you can find on the market.

We have already published many best-sellers, and we would love to add your masterpiece to our portfolio. Once published, your book will reach a wider audience and will be regarded as one of the gems of the literary world. The best part is that you will keep all the revenue generated from your book.

Getting a publishing deal with us is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is purchase our book publishing service, and your book will be on its way to success in no time at all.

First, let’s talk about the factors affecting your investment. The main investments for book publishing are service costs, material costs, marketing costs, and distribution costs

You need to have service costs and marketing costs at hand, which is very economical when you work with our teams. Now the printing costs and distribution costs come from the pre-launch bookings.

The cost of book publishing is variable due to the above-mentioned factors and the demands of authors from around the world. We cannot give you exact estimates, but if you would share your demands, we can give you an accurate quote within a few minutes. Click here to request a publishing quote.

To start self-publishing, you only need to find a good publisher. Publishers who have a great outstanding portfolio, a proven track record of success, and a network that can boost your sales to off the charts. Luckily you have a great option in Book Writing Bureau.

Our unique selling point is that we take 0% royalty on your work. Once the project is delivered to the author, it is the sole property of the author. Later on, the author can further extend our service to marketing and promotion. If the author wishes, they can give us credit for the services we offer. Regardless of the credit, we only charge a service fee, and the author gets to keep 100% of earnings from the book sales.

Hire the Best Book Publishers and Get Global Recognition

Book publishers for hire from Book Writing Bureau will deliver exceptional success to your book. We promote your book so that it is well-received by a large number of people all around the world.

Hope For The Hopeless Horse

Jacob Brown

"The Book Writing Bureau outperformed my expectations! They supplied top book publishers, from editing to cover design. Thanks to their skilled and encouraging crew, my novel is now a reality."

Reality Bites

Tyson Turner

"I am delighted with Book Writing Bureau's publishing services. Their attention to detail and individual assistance was great throughout the process. My book has now become a success!"

bradley schneller

Ronny Simon

"Book Writing Bureau fulfilled my dream! Their smooth publication procedure and marketing support helped my novel reach new heights. Thank you for turning it become a best-seller!"

The Survivors

Marcus Mitchel

Deciding to work with Book Writing Bureau was the best decision I ever made as an author." From formatting to delivery, they did everything with ease. My book is now available worldwide!

When We left Cuba

David Darrius

‘Strongly recommended! The publishing services provided by Book Writing Bureau are unparalleled. They assured the quality of my book and assisted me in reaching a larger audience. It was a joy to work with them.’

Complete Online Book Publishing Services with a Fail-Proof Process

Check out Book Writing Bureau to see how simple book printing can be. We'll look after you from the first draft to the final copy, ensuring that you never have to search “book publishers near me” because you already have us.

  1. Free Consultations

    Get free help from an experienced member of the team. Contact us to discuss your book publishing objectives and how our tailored services might assist you in realizing your vision.

  2. Manuscript Analysis

    Our expert writers will analyze your work and give input to help you improve it, along with making it more relevant to your intended audience.

  3. Industry Research

    Our in-depth market research guarantees that you are constantly one step ahead of the competition. Learn what sells well and tailor your work to the preferences of publishers.

  4. Strategy Planning

    We are specialists in creating effective publishing strategies. We'll work with you to identify the sweet spot where your book will stand out and sell the most copies.

  5. Client Approval

    Give your final approval at each stage of the publishing process to guarantee that your own style and ideas are followed.

  6. International Publishing

    We assure you that your book will be accessible to people all over the globe by publishing it online. As a result, you can reach a broader audience.

  7. Sales Results

    Experiment with what it feels like to be successful. We have a proven track record in the publishing industry that we can use to get your book the attention and revenue it deserves.

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