How We Marketing a Book And eBook

A marketing strategy needs to have every step of the way planned-out for a smooth execution, and that is how our experts work. Your book or eBook release announcement can reach every corner of the world where the internet is available. However, creating demand is much more complicated. Our experts utilize three main marketing methods to showcase your book as a must-have for every enthusiast and casual reader

  • Content Marketingmails
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing

As a book publishing company , we know all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and connections to take your book to stardom success. With our expertise and industry networking, your book will reach the right hands, which will promote it further.

You will watch your page grow as we implement strategic marketing practices, from short-form videos to stories, reels, public opinions, polls, inspirations, and recommendations. Our strategy will have people sharing your work to receive likes, followers, and subscribers while you receive new customers.

We will not only optimize your social media page but also help you align it with your website to drive more conversions.

With persuasive writing and thought-provoking visuals, your page will gather a new fan base and readership followers.

Our Unique Selling Points:
  • You have the opportunity to hire book marketing specialists at amazingly economical prices.
  • We have an extensive portfolio of award-winning books as our achievements.
  • We promise effectiveness in our work to deliver your desired results
  • If the work is not to your liking, you can request multiple revisions.
  • If you do not see the results you were expecting, we offer a money-back guarantee.
  • We optimize your marketing campaigns according to market trends and customer behavior
  • You get premium services for the most market-competitive prices while maximizing value generation.
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Get a Free Book Marketing Idea

Every book is one of a kind and requires a custom strategy for marketing. Get a practical and outcome-based marketing strategy within your budget.

Professional Book Writing Services

Since 2013, We Have Converted 1000 eBooks into Brands

Perfectly formatted books

Proven but customized strategies for each individual project.

Our ebooks are compatible with every smart device

Economical pricing ensures you get the value you are looking for.

Our customers have witnessed prominent sales and profit

Page insights and trajectory reports to help you reach your goals.

Unlimited edits

Revisions will continue until we know that you are 100% satisfied

Free amazingly designed ebook covers

Providing visuals that meet every eye and increase the thumb-stopping impressions.

Every book is delivered on-time.

We love meeting our estimated timelines while delivering up to the satisfaction.

See Our Book & eBook Marketing Pricing Packages

When it comes to book marketing, the biggest concern is budgeting. However, we are here to offer you prices that eliminate your number one concern and help you focus completely on your project.

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  • Google Preview Book
  • Social Media Promotion for 1 month
  • Marketing Strategy Call - 90 Min
  • Amazon Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization - (1 Month)
  • Video Reviews- 3 Reviews
  • Book Launch Animated Video - one 1-minute video
  • Author Website Setup- 1
  • Website for author and book
  • Promotional Bookmarks Design- 3 each
  • Promotional Postcards Design-3 each
  • Promotional Business Cards Design-10 each
  • Blogs/Articles Marketing- 10
  • Blogs written and posted on high authority domain platforms
  • Press Release Campaign - 5
  • Media Outlets/ 5 Press Releases
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Book Writing Price Icon


  • Google Preview Book
  • Social Media Promotion for 3 months
  • Marketing Strategy Call - 90 Min
  • Amazon Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization - (3 Months)
  • Video Reviews- 5 Reviews
  • Book Launch Animated Video - one 1-minute video
  • Author Website Setup- 1
  • Website for author and book
  • Promotional Bookmarks Design- 5 each
  • Promotional Postcards Design-5 each
  • Promotional Business Cards Design-10 each
  • Blogs/Articles Marketing- 15
  • Blogs written and posted on high authority domain platforms
  • Press Release Campaign - 5
  • Media Outlets/ 10 Press Releases
  • Wikipedia Page for the book
  • Google Knowledge Panel for the book
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Book Writing Price Icon


  • Google Preview Book
  • Social Media Promotion for 6 months
  • Marketing Strategy Call - 90 Min
  • Amazon Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization - (6 Months)
  • Video Reviews- 10 Reviews
  • Book Launch Animated Video - two 1-minute videos
  • Author Website Setup- 1
  • Website for author and book
  • Promotional Bookmarks Design- 10 each
  • Promotional Postcards Design-10 each
  • Promotional Business Cards Design-10 each
  • Blogs/Articles Marketing- 30
  • Blogs written and posted on high authority domain platforms
  • Press Release Campaign - 10
  • Media Outlets/ 10 Press Releases
  • Wikipedia Page for the book
  • Google Knowledge Panel for the book
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Our Book and eBook Marketing Process


The simplest action is often the most effective one. It may not be the easiest, but it will be the most effective. Therefore, we strategies your book marketing with the most straightforward and simple marketing technique present in the marketing world. We are experts in marketing because we know how to get results in the simplest ways.


We can get results from simple but difficult marketing techniques because we have been on the field for more than a decade and have created a network that makes our job easier, hence making our service more affordable. Your book marketing is in the hands of pros who know what to do and how to get the results that you want.


Our approach is always different for each project, as every project has different goals and different needs. Our industry experts have the foresight to judge a book by its summaries and have the on-hand experience to create a customized strategic approach for effectively marketing it. Your path may be different, but it will only lead to success.


We have the experience to ensure that your custom book marketing strategy is effective. We use the strategies from our previous projects as customizable templates for your book, as those strategies have proven to have remarkable results. Our strategists will ensure to make the necessary changes to the strategies so they are effective for your particular brand.


Publishing & distribution are not possible unless the demand is there. Hence, we ensure that your book is publish-ready to slay their market clutter. We also help in book distribution to major book platforms reaching every demand that is present for high profitability. Whether physically or digitally, your book will reach every person who wants to read it.


Writing a marketing plan for a book is a challenge in itself, as you cannot afford to reveal any significant key points. Unlike marketing movies, where you can use significant visuals as content material for promotions, for book marketing, you have to write new material from scratch. Additionally, book marketing demand extra research regarding industry trends, genre guidelines, and the behavior of your targeted audience. You need to do all that just to ensure your marketing campaign is connecting with the people you are targeting.

User-generated content is one of the most effective and brilliant ways to promote books. You can offer a discount or a draw prize just for creating a small video review. This small gesture will skyrocket the trajectory of your sales like nothing ever before. People generally trust people, and buyers generally trust previous buyers. This is why word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy in the history of marketing.

Marketing a book is not like marketing a service. You can’t just create a social media ad and burn your budget with it. You need to have an expert strategy in place to ensure good results. The contents of the book cannot be revealed to the public before it is published. Hence, you need to gain trust and build demand pre-launch or else your launch day will be just a holiday. Your launch day should be spent signing copies, packing them, and shipping them. To ensure that you better hire experts who know how to build demand for pre-launch bookings

An eBook is a form of digital content. Therefore, the right strategy is digital content marketing. Creating content that suggests what people will experience while reading your book is an effective strategy.

Taking multiple steps in your book marketing strategy can also help you grow public demand. Our network of influencers, promotors, and bloggers will definitely help you achieve the max return with minimum investment. We have spent years building this network now we use it to ensure our clients get the max benefit they can from our service.

Here’s What People Say About Our Best Book Marketers for Hire!

We are reliable for our clients because our team of book marketers for hire are the best at what they do. Your project will be handled by industry experts.

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"Book Writing Bureau's advertising aided in the success of my work. I was able to attract fans from all over the world. It’s a great purchase for budding writers looking to get into the business."

Reality Bites

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"My book's success is attributed to Book Writing Bureau's great marketing services. Their fresh thoughts and focused drive pushed my sales to new highs."

bradley schneller

Isabella Peterson

"I am really pleased with the expertise of the Book Writing Bureau. Their customized strategy and flawless distribution allowed me to get my book into the hands of the right people. The increase in sales was far beyond my wildest dreams!"

The Survivors

Clark Ethen

The marketing solution provided by Book Writing Bureau is innovative for authors. Because of their deep market knowledge, the advertising techniques they design are certain to be effective. This helped increase interest in my book resulting in more sales and exposure. What a fantastic result!

When We left Cuba

Sophie James

‘I'm delighted I chose Book Writing Bureau's promotion service. They shifted people's impressions of my book, helping it become the center of attention and an online phenomenon. They worked so hard, and now my book is a huge success!’

Our Printed Book and eBook Marketing Services Yield Premium Results

Our eBook marketers for hire ensure to raise highly profitable awareness of your publication among your target audience.

  1. Free Consultations

    Get professional guidance without making any commitments or payments. Through our discussions, you will learn effective methods for marketing your book.

  2. Manuscript Analysis

    We analyze your manuscript to determine its USPs, ideal audience, and promotional strategy.

  3. Industry Research

    Our in-depth analysis of the market will keep you one step ahead of the competition by illuminating emerging trends, key competitors, and promotional openings for your book.

  4. Strategy Planning

    We create detailed, individualized strategies for marketing and selling your book.

  5. Client Approval

    We collaborate with you to ensure that our marketing strategy completely reflects your preferences and objectives.

  6. Flawless Execution

    Our expert staff will meticulously implement the strategies developed to promote and sell your book.

  7. Campaign Results

    See how well your book is selling in real-time with actionable data. Sales, ratings, and visits are all on the up as a result of our advertising efforts.

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